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Boring and Jacking
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About Lowe

Lowe Construction has been serving the area since 1974. The founder Clifford "Cliff" Lowe started a small excavating business in the early 1960's near his home in Horton, Michigan. The company performed sewer and underground work for local homes and communities. Cliff's top priority was to serve his customers with quality workmanship. In 1974, his son Richard "Dick" Lowe joined in the ownership of the company and together they ventured out in to the trenchless underground world.  Since that time, the company has grown to approximately 40 employees consisting of seven field crews. The crews cover primarily three states (Michigan, Ohio, & Indiana)...However, we have been known to venture out even further.
The primary company focus is in auger boring & jacking, pipe jacking.

Lowe Construction's main objective is to provide a service to our customers ................"That is what we do!"

Lowe Construction is commited to providing it's customers with the highest quality of service.

*** Job Photos ***

Allen Park, MI
~700 Lf of Ø54" Steel Casing Jacked in Place via Akkerman TBM 
under I-94 Highway (Storm Culvert & Storage)

Metro Detroit Airport
1000+ Lf of Ø84" RCP Pipe Jack
Shantee Creek Storm Drain, Toledo, OH
Twin 110 Lf of Ø114" Steel Pipe Jack

Downtown Brighton, MI
256 Lf of Ø24" Casing Bore & Jack

Grand Rapids, MI
568 Lf of Ø72" Reinforced Concrete Pipe Jack

Muskegon, MI (Sanitary Sewer)
181 Lf of Ø72" Reinforced Concrete Pipe Jacked in Place

Canton, MI
~800 Lf of Ø8" HDPE Directionally Drilled via Vermeer 24x-40 for
Waste Management landfill Methane line

New Red Wings DEC Strom Drain
Detroit, MI
 100 Lf of Ø60" Casing Bore & Jack

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